One Health Teaching, Research, and Community Outreach (OH-TRAC) Workshop

Indonesia is one of the zoonoses hotspot in the world that has a high risk of transmission of emerging infectious diseases, re-emerging infectious diseases, and potential pandemic diseases. Zoonotic diseases influence the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems, which reviewed from various perspectives, especially the economy of a country, thus requiring cross-sectoral synergistic efforts in preventing and overcoming it.
One of the efforts in addressing the zoonoses problem is to increase countries’ capacity to detect, prevent and respond to zoonoses. Human life sectors needs to implement One Health approach which focuses on collaboration multi-sectoral to control zoonoses problem. Not only in research, but also in an academic course and community. Student needs to understand One Health approach and how to implement the approach into real situation to tackle zoonoses. Researcher needs to do research to find potential diseases and vaccine to protect human and animal. Last, we also need to involve community to implement the good practice of One Health approach in their community.
Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN), a university platform of One Health  approach in Indonesia, contributes in enhancing the One Health workforce capacity in teaching,  research and community outreach. Through The One Health Teaching, Research, and  Community Outreach Workshop (OH-TRAC Workshop) sponsored by USAID, INDOHUN wants  to improve the capacity of innovative teaching, research, and community outreach. OH-TRAC  Workshop will be held on March 21-23, 2017 in East Java. This workshop has three sub-activities  and will hold in three parallel classes, as follows:
  1. One Health Teaching Workshop
This workshop is designed for young lecturers and will equip you with knowledge of innovative instructional methods, and teaching skills appropriate for training One Health workforce. Also, facilitators will train you on how to write a grant-winning teaching proposal.
  1. One Health Research Workshop
This workshop is designed for lecturers, faculty academic staffs, students (undergraduate  and postgraduate), and researchers (not eligible for those who were Grant Writing Workshop  participants on 2015 in Makassar and 2016 in Surabaya). This class will equip you with  writing methods of One Health related proposal. Also, facilitators will train you on how to  write a grant-winning research proposal.
  1. One Health Community Outreach Training
This workshop is designed for lecturers, faculty academic staff, and students (undergraduate and postgraduate). You will be equipped with effective community-oriented health promotion strategies using One Health approach. The class will discuss about effective strategy to empower local community and you will also be trained on how to write a grant-winning proposal of community outreach project.
Please get full information about the workshop here. (PDF Available)
If you are interested in being a part of this class, come and join us through the link below.
For any inquires, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Chandra through phone number (+6221 29302084) or email Thank you!