Development of Gymnastics Models to Lower the Risk of Diabetic Ulcers in Diabetics

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a condition
characterized by increased glucose levels in the blood. DM
patients are at risk of diabetic foot ulcers. To lower the risk,
DM patients need to exercise to train aerobics, balance,
endurance, and legs. For this reason, this study aims to
produce a gymnastics model that combines aerobics,
balance training, resistance training, and leg training.
Research using the Research and Development method
refers to the Borg &Gall development model, which aims
to produce products. Instrument development involves six
stages: needs analysis, initial product development, expert
assessment, initial product revision, trial, and final product.
The results showed that the percentage of the results of
expert assessments and trials was more significant than
80%, so this model is said to be very feasible. So it can be
concluded that the gymnastics model which combines
aerobics, balance exercises, resistance training, and leg
training is feasible and applied to diabetic patients. The
gymnastics help prevent or lower the risk of diabetic foot
ulcers in people with DM.
Keyword: Gymnastics Models, Diabetic Ulcers,
Diabetes Mellitus